My name is Richard, or Ric, as my friends call me. As a director and photographer by heart, I have been capturing moods and emotions with light and lenses as long as I can remember. In the commercial world, my focus is on the beautiful, but I also feel perfectly at home when telling stories and working with actors and celebrities.

What else to say, in a nutshell? Besides my advertising work, I directed an international feature film and wrote a couple of screenplays. Also won my share of awards and worked for most of the big agency chains in the world. Lived some years in Paris, London and LA. And having run a postproduction house of my own, I do know the world of digital effects from the inside. Which comes in handy a lot.

I am represented by several production houses in Paris, London, New York and other cities. Representation doesn’t necessarily mean exclusivity. If you wish to offer me an interesting project or representation in your territory, please check with my management Dirs’n Dops in Berlin.

Thanks for stopping by and take care,